Pure water as the basis for the preparation of water-miscible cooling lubricant emulsions.

Pure water as a preparation medium not only extends the service life of the emulsion, it also reduces the overall process costs through increased operational reliability.

Purest water through reverse osmosis and ion exchange

Fresh preparation with treated water for high-quality results.

Your advantages:

  • Application-specific water qualities (hardness levels).

  • Stable, consistent water quality

  • Bacterial stability (no organic contamination) - no bacterial contamination from refilling.

  • Guarantees long, trouble-free service life of the cooling lubricants.

  • Guarantees more efficient work processes.

EASYRO® reverse osmosis system

Osmosis water - the ideal preparation medium.

The consequence:

  • Reduces staining on the workpiece and residues on the machine.

  • Reduces corrosion or residues on the machine.

  • No hardness (hardening soaps), no metal salts, no turbidity.

  • No chlorides, sulphates, nitrites, nitrates.

  • Removes suspended solids, smallest molecules and organic impurities almost completely.

  • Pure water with a low conductance 


EASYRO® reverse osmosis system

Economical and fail-safe.

  • Variable high-performance membranes.

  • High desalination rate of 95-99%.

  • Fully automatic rinse cycles.

  • 2 separate outlets for different water qualities.
    Output 1 - conductance adjustable
    Output 2 - conductance fixed

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Pure water for increased operational safety

Direct feed into ring main or machine.

Your advantages:

  • Use as single or central supply.

  • With fully automatic refilling - direct feed into the consumer.

  • Modular design - different sizes as required.

  • Also available with a pressurised tank or an unpressurised tank.

Water reserve depending on requirements

Reserve tanks with different volumes.

Your advantages:

  • Pressurised or unpressurised tank systems (with external pump) selectable.

  • Can be equipped with UVC lamp system (unpressurised tank systems only).

  • Unpressurised tanks can be used as a basic or additional tank.

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Permanent control

Industry 4.0

Your advantages:

  • Communication in real time.

  • Information on water quality.

  • Integrated web server.

  • Built-in EASYNET interface.

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Refilling with DI water prevents salinisation.

Due to the heating and evaporation process, the emulsion accumulates the salts remaining in the cooling circuit and leads to an undesired salinisation. 
Faster evaporation of the water means greater increases in salts.

E.KO IONISER® deionisation (ion exchange)

The ideal refill medium against salinisation.

The consequence:

  • No salinisation as with cation exchangers (salt content approximately as high as fresh water).

  • Lowest conductance, removes all dissolved cations and anions.

  • No residues or corrosion on workpiece and machine.

  • Removal of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) of < 1 ppb.

  • Constant neutral pH value (additional removal of carbonic acid and silicic acid).

E.KO IONISER® 1501/1502/1503 Deionisation (ion exchange)

Ultra pure water (UPW) with lowest conductivity

Your advantages:

  • Removes all ions from water = hardness level 0°dH.

  • Guaranteed lowest conductance of 0.055 - 0.1 µs/cm.

  • Resistance of > 18.2 MΩ, TOC value of < 1 ppb.

  • No investment costs due to rental concept (except accessories).

  • Full monitoring of water quality in combination with the KORROSTOP4.0®.


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Precise measuring instrument for conductance of inlet and outlet water

Reliable, continuous monitoring of water quality

  • Consistent product quality through water quality monitoring.

  • All measurement data in real time.

  • Quality display for E.KO IONISER® in % thereby planning for exchange unit possible.
  • Suitable for all machine manufacturers (CONNECT 4 connection kit).

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Transport trolley as an accessory for the E.KO IONISER®.

Your advantages:

  • Compact mobility for the E.KO IONISER®.

  • Steerable wheels with brakes for added safety.

  • Effortless loading and unloading due to the overall height of a Euro pallet.

Convenient rental concept

No investment costs.

Your advantages:

  • Delivered - Docked - Done.

  • Long, trouble-free service life.

  • Easy exchange from used to new.

  • No disposal costs.

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The E.KO IONISER® - a recyclable system

Environmentally friendly and made in AUSTRIA

Your advantages:

  • Meets the high environmental requirements.
  • Fully replaces mixed-bed resin and is not considered hazardous waste.
  • Can be used by the customer in the long term and is sustainably produced.
  • All auxiliary materials are 100% recycled.

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