Drinking water treatment for kitchen and office.

The purest drinking water from the tap. Practical and compactly installed in the base cabinet.

Water treatment with the EASYRO® drink+house reverse osmosis system

The purest drinking water straight from the tap.

Your advantages:

  • Purest drinking water free of drug residues, heavy metals or pesticides.

  • Treatment of mains or well water*.

  • Supply of dishwasher, steamer and coffee machine (optional).

*Attention! Legal requirements of the municipalities.

EASYRO® drink+house reverse osmosis system

Purest, lime-free water

  • Reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Removes 95-99% of lime, all pollutants, viruses and germs from water.

  • Prevents limescale deposits on expensive appliances.

More about EASYRO® drink+house

EASYRO® drink+house drinking system

Practical and easy to install in the base cabinet.

Your advantages:

  • Compact, powerful and low-maintenance.

  • With space-saving pre-filter system in the base cabinet.

  • Pressurised tank for feeding dishwasher, steamer, ... (optional).

  • Expansion with water dispenser or outlet tap (optional).

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The right design for everyone

Optional water dispenser and outlet tap.

Your advantages:

  • Beautifully shaped design.

  • Space-saving and easy to use.

  • Chilled, sparkling or still water.

  • Also available with base cabinet for offices.

Drinking system for office and kitchen

For a healthy taste experience.

Your advantages:

  • Fresh from the tap.

  • No more lugging heavy water bottles, no more stale water tanks.

  • Unadulterated taste of coffee or tea.

  • Free from drug residues, heavy metals and pesticides.

More about the purity of drinking water

Osmosis water absorbs dirt particles much more effectively

Increased cleaning power through osmosis water.

Your advantages:

  • Glasses free of streaks and dishes clean without residue.

  • No need to polish glasses.

  • Removes even stubborn milk residues and lipstick stains.

  • Enormous savings on cleaning tablets, rinse aids and the like thanks to the greater cleaning power of the water.

  • Energy-saving and protects against expensive repairs due to limescale deposits.

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