Process water = cooling water, boiler feed water, DI water or ultrapure water.

Production of process water with low conductance

The umbrella term process water stands for the service water or process medium in various production, cleaning and operational processes.

Due to the wide range of possible applications, the requirements for the purity of the water and thus the production of the process water are changing.

E.g., reverse osmosis (EASYRO®): removes suspended matter, smallest molecules and germs almost completely (95-99%).

The result, depending on the quality of the input water, is purified water with a low conductance.

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Process water with 0.055 - 0.1 µS/cm

Fully demineralised water (DI water) is obtained from raw water by ion exchange (deionisation).

The E.KO IONISER® works like a sponge, completely removing all dissolved salts and ions from the water = conductance of 0.1 µs/cm.

If the raw water is pre-cleaned (reverse osmosis) and then smoothed (deionisation), the result is purest water with a conductance of 0.055 - 0.1 µS/cm (ultrapure water).

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Purity level of process water

The degree of purity of the process water depends on its conductance (µS/cm).

The fewer dissolved charged salts and ions (electrolytes = cations and anions) there are in water, the lower its conductivity.

Another important parameter is the DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon) or TOC (Total Organic Carbon) value of the process water.
An increased DOC value indicates contamination with organic substances.

Organic contamination

Organic impurities in the water cause problems.

They can lead to microbial contamination of the machine components and form deposits of slime, algae or mould.

Reverse osmosis is the optimal choice here. The fineness of filtration is 0.0001 µm. Thus, microorganisms are almost completely filtered out of the water.

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EASYRO® reverse osmosis system

Effective cleaning

  • Nimmt zu 95-99 % Moleküle, Ionen und organische Verunreinigungen aus dem Wasser.

  • Removes 95-99% of molecules, ions and organic impurities from water.
    Output 1 - conductance adjustable
    Output 2 - conductance fixed

  • Reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Water quality information on the display.

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E.KO IONISER® 1501/1502/1503 Deionisation (ion exchange)

Process water with lowest conductivity

  • Removes all ions from water = hardness level 0°dH.

  • Guaranteed lowest conductance of 0.055 - 0.1 µs/cm.

  • Resistance of > 18.2 MΩ, TOC value of < 1 ppb.

  • No investment costs due to rental concept (except accessories).

  • Full monitoring of water quality in combination with the KORROSTOP4.0®.

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Precise measuring instrument for conductance of inlet and outlet water

Reliable, continuous monitoring of water quality

  • Consistent product quality through water quality monitoring.

  • All measurement data in real time.

  • Quality display for E.KO IONISER® in % thereby planning for exchange unit possible.
  • Suitable for all machine manufacturers (CONNECT 4 connection kit).

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Comparison of E.KO IONISER® and mixed-bed resin cartridges

  • Protection against corrosion and deposits = more consistent removal of chlorides, sulphates and nitrates from water.

  • Guaranteed pH-neutral = additional removal of carbonic acid and silicic acid.

  • Guaranteed lowest conductance = the low conductance of 0.055-0.1 µs/cm and the neutral pH value remain constant.

  • Guaranteed optimum resistance of > 18.2 MΩ (at 25°C) and a TOC value of < 1 ppb.

  • No investment costs = the E.KO IONISER® is a rental unit that meets your needs and is unbureaucratic.

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Industry solutions

Process water is used in many industries.

E.g., as:

  • process water in parts cleaning
  • basis for coolants and lubricants in metal processing
  • process water in electroplating
  • feed water for steam boilers and steam turbines
  • process water in craft businesses and in the food industry
  • cleaning agents in car washes
  • laundries and the cleaning of buildings
  • etc.

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