The purer the water, the better the production process.

Production of ultrapure water in 2 stages

1st stage - pre-purification

Here, the raw water is treated by a reverse osmosis system (EASYRO®) (= pure water). The smallest molecules, germs and ions are mechanically separated almost completely (95-99%).

Depending on the quality of the input water, the result is purified water with a low conductance.

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2nd stage - smoothing

Here, the treated water (pure water) is smoothed by deionisation (E.KO IONISER®).

The E.KO IONISER® works like a sponge, completely removing all remaining dissolved salts and ions from the water.

The result is the purest water with a conductance of 0.055 - 0.1 µs/cm and a resistance of > 18.2 MΩ with a TOC value of < 1 ppb.

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Definition of ultrapure water

  • No more dissolved charged salts or ions (electrolytes = anions and cations).
  • Resistance is > 18.2 MΩ (at 25°C).
  • Contains virtually no bacterial endotoxins (≤ 25 ng/l), TOC value is ≤ 0.5 mg/l.
  • In the chemical sense, ultrapure water consists only of H2O molecules.
  • Pure Water PW 0.1 – 1 µS/cm (TREF25)
  • Ultra Pure Water UPW 0.055 – 0.1 µS/cm (TREF25)

Pre-purification with reverse osmosis


EASYRO® reverse osmosis system

Efficient pre-cleaning 
before deionization

  • Reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Removes 95-99% of molecules, ions and organic impurities from water.

  • Water quality information on the display.

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Smoothing with deionisation

E.KO IONISER® 1501/1502/1503 Deionisation (ion exchange)

Ultra pure water (UPW) with lowest conductivity

  • Removes all ions from water = hardness level 0°dH.

  • Guaranteed lowest conductance of 0.055 - 0.1 µs/cm.

  • Resistance of > 18.2 MΩ, TOC value of < 1 ppb.

  • No investment costs due to rental concept (except accessories).

  • Full monitoring of water quality in combination with the KORROSTOP4.0®.

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Precise measuring instrument for conductance of inlet and outlet water

Reliable, continuous monitoring of water quality

  • Consistent product quality through water quality monitoring.

  • All measurement data in real time.

  • Quality display for E.KO IONISER® in % thereby planning for exchange unit possible.
  • Suitable for all machine manufacturers (CONNECT 4 connection kit).

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Comparison of E.KO IONISER® and mixed-bed resin cartridges

  • Protection against corrosion and deposits = more consistent removal of chlorides, sulphates and nitrates from water.

  • Guaranteed pH-neutral = additional removal of carbonic acid and silicic acid.

  • Guaranteed lowest conductance = the low conductance of 0.055-0.1 µs/cm and the neutral pH value remain constant.

  • Guaranteed optimum resistance of > 18.2 MΩ (at 25°C) and a TOC value of < 1 ppb.

  • No investment costs = the E.KO IONISER® is a rental unit that meets your needs and is unbureaucratic.

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Industry solutions

Ultrapure water is mainly used for:

  • technological processes 
  • chemical analytics 
  • semiconductor industry 
  • industrial cleaning 
  • power plant technology (boiler feed water) 
  • pharmaceutics, research and medicine 
  • medical technology 

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