Perfect rinsing results without the need for polishing.

In the catering industry, hygiene is not only important for the guest; sparkling clean dishes without time-consuming polishing are literally worth their weight in gold.

Purest water through reverse osmosis

The reliable solution for your central supply.

Your advantages:

  • Stable, consistent water quality.

  • Perfect dishwashing results.

  • Protection against limescale deposits and expensive repairs.

  • Extends the service life of expensive equipment.


    Significantly decreases Conductance
    = soft water (°dh)

Osmosis water absorbs dirt particles more effectively

Increased washing power
- perfect results.

The consequence:

  • Spotless tableware.

  • Streak-free glasses with a crystalline sheen.

  • No need to polish glasses.

  • Removes even stubborn milk residues and lipstick stains.

  • Reduces the need for detergents.

  • Energy-saving and protects against expensive repairs due to limescale deposits.

EASYRO® drink+house reverse osmosis system

Purest, lime-free water

  • Variable high-performance membranes.

  • High desalination rate of 95-99%.

  • Fully automatic rinse cycles.

  • Prevents limescale deposits on expensive appliances.

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Centralised water treatment for the entire kitchen

Feeds limescale-free water to all water-bearing pipes.

Your advantages:

  • Modular design - different sizes depending on water requirements.

  • Compact and space-saving with stainless-steel tank and pump.

  • UVC immersion lamp system in the tank for absolute hygiene.

  • Low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

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Decentralised water treatment

Practical and compact as an under-the-sink unit.

Your advantages:

  • Compact, powerful and low-maintenance.

  • With space-saving pre-filter system in the base cabinet.

  • Pressurised tank for feeding a glass washer.

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EASYRO® drink+house water treatment systems

Individually, according to water requirements

  • Cafés and bars
  • Catering
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Sanatoria and rehabilitation centres
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Company kitchens
  • etc.

Disinfection of drinking water and service water for all water-bearing pipes.

Combats all organic and viral contaminants and disinfects dead pipes and hard-to-reach pipe sections highly effectively.


Highly effective liquid biocide for immediate use

Your advantages:

  • Highly effective against viruses, bacteria, coliforms, legionella, pseudomonas, ...
  • Suitable for drinking water systems, domestic wells, drinking water tanks, domestic installations ...
  • 100% pH neutral and dermatologically tested
    Alcohol-free, aldehyde-free, phenol-free and highly material-compatible 
  • henndrixx® can be taken with drinking water without hesitation.

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