Deionised water with lowest conductance and optimum pH value.

Our patented process for deionisation produces the purest DI water and meets the high environmental standards. The E.KO IONISER® is used in industrial manufacturing, raw water treatment for power plants, industrial cleaning and much more.


EDM Electrical Discharge Machining

Everyone knows it, almost everyone has it -
the E.KO IONISER® 1501.

The use of the E.KO IONISER® 1501 has already proven itself thousands of times over and has long been regarded as the basis for the best and most consistent water quality in EDM.

Ideal for standard applications

It shows its full strength in the field of standard applications. Here, it scores with its wide range of applications.

  • Standard applications
  • Aluminium
  • Copper, titanium
  • Polycrystalline diamonds (PCD)


EDM Electrical Discharge Machining

The E.KO IONISER® 1501 and 1502 duo complement each other perfectly through their different areas of application and do not replace each other in any way.

The E.KO IONISER® 1502 was specifically developed for special applications in the field of carbide.

Ideal for special materials

Many years of experience have shown that the E.KO IONISER® 1502 is the technically and economically ideal solution in the carbide sector.

  • Carbide
  • Copper, graphite, titanium
  • Cobalt materials
  • Sintered metal materials
  • Powder metallurgy steels

The E.KO IONISER® 1502 guarantees conductance of < 0.1 µs/cm and a stable basic conductance to reduce pitting.


UPW Ultra Pure Water

Ultrapure water
Process water
Boiler feed water

The E.KO IONISER® 1503 UPW (Ultra Pure Water) was specially developed for smoothing water that has already been treated.
In combination with our EASYRO® reverse osmosis system, we guarantee ultrapure water at the highest level.

The EASYRO® reverse osmosis system lowers conductivity depending on the input water.
With the E.KO IONISER® 1503 for subsequent smoothing, we guarantee conductance of up to 0.01 µs/cm (TREF25). 

Typ 1 - Standard

Dissolved inorganic ions are easily removed.

The resistance after treatment is > 18.2 MΩ (at 25°C) and a TOC value of < 1 ppb.

E.KO IONISER® 1501/1502/1503
Technical data

Hydraulic performance

Max. flow rate 40 l/min
Min. flow rate 1 l/min
Max. operating pressure 5 bar
Max. Input conductance 2500 µs/cm
Conductance < 0,1 µs/cm
Permissible Input pH value 6,5-9,5



Weight 160 kg
Diemensions mm (L/W/H) 660/370/1150



EASY quick coupling CPC 1/2"



Equivalent mixed bed resin approx. 200 liter

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E.KO IONISER® - the most environmentally friendly system on the market among comparable products.

Ecological and made in AUSTRIA

  • Recyclable system.
  • Meets the high environmental requirements. 
  • Fully replaces mixed-bed resin and is not considered hazardous waste.
  • Can be used by the customer in the long term and is sustainably produced. 
  • All auxiliary materials are 100% recycled.
  • Made in AUSTRIA with strict quality control.

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Advantages of E.KO IONISER®

  • Already avoided several million tonnes of hazardous waste across the EU.
  • No danger for the customer's disposal management.
  • No intention to discard for the customer.


Disadvantages of mixed-bed resin

  • High resource consumption.
  • Costly, time-consuming disposal management for the customer. 
  • Intention to discard required of the customer.
  • Classified under transport of hazardous goods.

Comparison of E.KO IONISER® and mixed-bed resin cartridges

  • Protection against corrosion and deposits = more consistent removal of chlorides, sulphates and nitrates from water.

  • Guaranteed pH-neutral = additional removal of carbonic acid and silicic acid.

  • No corrosion on workpiece and machine = the low conductance of 0.055-0.1 µs/cm and the neutral pH value remain constant.

  • Guaranteed optimum resistance of > 18.2 MΩ (at 25°C) and a TOC value of < 1 ppb.

  • No investment costs = the E.KO IONISER® is a rental unit that meets your needs and is unbureaucratic.

connection kit

1 kit for all applications

  • Plug & play EASY quick couplings.

  • Compatible with all wire eroding machines.

  • No additional components necessary.

  • Exclusively industrial components.

Perfect basic equipment

In combination with the KORROSTOP4.0® conductivity meter, the CONNECT4 connection kit is the ideal basic equipment.

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KORROSTOP4.0® conductivity meter

In combination with the E.KO IONISER®, the KORROSTOP4.0® measuring device is a reliable partner for monitoring water quality.


Precise measuring instrument for conductance of inlet and outlet water

Reliable, continuous monitoring of water quality

  • Consistent product quality through water quality monitoring.

  • All measurement data in real time.

  • Quality display for E.KO IONISER® in % thereby planning for exchange unit possible.

  • Status updates in plain text.

  • Suitable for all machine manufacturers (CONNECT 4 connection kit).

  • Industry 4.0 - can be fully integrated into existing company IT.

More about KORROSTOP4.0®

Transport trolley for the E.KO IONISER®

Transport trolley as an accessory for the E.KO IONISER®.

  • Compact mobility for the E.KO IONISER®.

  • Mobile with handle (weight 9 kg).

  • Steerable wheels with brakes for added safety.

  • Effortless loading and unloading due to the overall height of a Euro pallet.

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