Climate protection concerns us all

Consumers want sustainably and fairly produced goods, because nature is our livelihood and a comprehensive concept is needed to secure this livelihood for future generations.

We take responsibility for people and nature and rise to the challenge.

Environmental competence with a future

We are a manufacturer of water treatment plants for the production of ultrapure water, and since the beginning of our company's history, we have paid great attention to the responsible and efficient use of energy and resources in our production.

We look outside the box and not only take care of the manufacturing process of our systems and devices, but also consider the entire life cycle from development and production to their use by the customer and disposal.

Everything from one source

From the idea to the market-ready product, we develop in-house.

For our production we rely on the latest technologies and are at the cutting edge. The majority of our components are either manufactured in-house or sourced from regional manufacturers. This secures our own jobs and jobs in the region.

Our products are “Made in AUSTRIA”, so to speak, and we are proud of that. But that’s not all.

Sustainable innovations

Especially for deionisation (ion exchange) we have developed a patented process, our E.KO IONISER® system, which makes it possible to produce the purest DI water and at the same time meet the high environmental demands.

Originally, we developed the E.KO IONISER® especially for water treatment for wire eroding machines.
In the meantime, the field of application has increased enormously as these high quality demands are also required in other applications.

Whether industrial production, raw water treatment for power plants or industrial cleaning: wherever DI water with the highest degree of purity is required, the E.KO IONISER® is used.

It is the most environmentally friendly system on the market among comparable products.

More about E.KO IONISER®

The use of mixed-bed resin in the metal industry

We are pioneers in environmental protection in our industry and have declared war on the use of mixed-bed resin in the metalworking industry.

The use of fresh mixed-bed resin involves high consumption of resources and generates countless of tons of hazardous waste.

In the metal industry, mixed-bed resin is used as an ion exchanger to obtain deionised water. The spent resin from ion exchangers is often contaminated with heavy metals and is considered hazardous waste. This hazardous waste may not be transported and disposed of without meeting strict requirements.

Did you know that you, as a customer and user, are responsible for the disposal of the used resin through the so-called intention to discard?

Countless tons of hazardous waste are generated annually by conventional resin drum fillers and are often knowingly transported improperly. Customers seem to be ill-informed or not informed at all about this, and are usually hardly aware of their complicity.

With us, you are on the side of the environment

The use of the E.KO IONISER® completely replaces the mixed-bed resin and thus contributes to more environmental awareness.

Unlike spent mixed-bed resin, the E.KO IONISER® is not considered hazardous waste.

Our needs-based, unbureaucratic rental concept eliminates investment costs for you as well as all inconvenient disposal costs and transport difficulties.
Therefore, no intention to discard applies to you and you don’t incur high disposal costs

Our recyclable E.KO IONISER® systems are probably the only systems approved in the EU on the market.
Unlike conventional resin drums, our E.KO IONISER® is produced sustainably and used by customers in the long term.
All auxiliary materials in the process are 100% recycled.

The use of the E.KO IONISER® has now led to the avoidance of tens of millions of litres of hazardous waste in more than 25 European countries.

So, with us, you are on the side of the environment!