Who we are.

Our motivation

Sustainability has been our primary focus since our inception in 1998.
The aim was to enable people to have a better environment and a better life.

Innovation is not just a question of ideas but an important step in the implementation process.
For this purpose, it is essential to have a team that consistently covers new ground with a lot of dedication and heart.

Since our foundation, we have been investing in promising research & development work to thus secure our lead.

We develop in-house - from the idea to the marketable product. The qualifications and skills of our employees yield reliable and sophisticated technical products, as well as continuous improvements of existing innovations.

The company easymetal is represented on an international platform by 50 partners in 26 countries.
Leading companies from the fields of medical, aerospace, automotive and electronics / electrics have chosen us as a partner. Thus, the question of location has been answered for us as an Austrian company.


What we stand for 

To face difficult challenges, to set new standards and to professionally create innovation with wisdom and great commitment.

Especially in the field of water treatment, we meet the different requirements head on and so give rise to holistic solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

We stand for innovation, for change and still preserve our values such as reliability, fairness and transparency.

With the trust of our customers, we grow and thus accept the challenge of the future.


What we do

easymetal is a manufacturer of innovative water treatment systems for obtaining ultrapure water, a manufacturer of cold fogging devices and air humidifiers as well as a manufacturer of disinfectants for hands, surfaces, room air disinfection and drinking water disinfection.

With our product range from reverse osmosis to deionization in water treatment, we offer optimal solutions for the production of process water, deionized water or ultrapure water.