DI water - Fully desalinated water

Production of DI water

Production of DI water

Demineralised water (DI water) is also called deionised water.

DI water is obtained from raw water by ion exchange (deionisation).

The E.KO IONISER® works like a sponge, completely removing all dissolved salts and ions from the water.

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Degree of purity of DI water

DI water is obtained from raw water by ion exchange (deionisation).

The degree of purity of DI water depends on its conductance (µS/cm). The lower the conductance, the higher the degree of purity.

The fewer dissolved charged salts and ions (electrolytes = cations and anions) there are in water, the lower its conductivity. Since hardness components such as calcium and magnesium are also completely removed, DI water has a degree of hardness (°dH) of zero.

E.KO IONISER® 1501/1502/1503 Deionisation (ion exchange)

DI water with lowest conductivity

  • Removes all dissolved salts from water.

  • Removes hardness components (calcium and magnesium) = hardness level 0°dH.

  • High dissolving power and high cleaning performance.

  • No investment costs due to rental concept (except accessories).

  • Full monitoring of water quality in combination with the KORROSTOP4.0®.

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Precise measuring instrument for conductance of inlet and outlet water

Reliable, continuous monitoring of water quality

  • Consistent product quality through water quality monitoring.

  • All measurement data in real time.

  • Quality display for E.KO IONISER® in % thereby planning for exchange unit possible.
  • Suitable for all machine manufacturers (CONNECT 4 connection kit).

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Comparison of E.KO IONISER® and mixed-bed resin cartridges

  • Protection against corrosion and deposits = more consistent removal of chlorides, sulphates and nitrates from water.

  • Guaranteed pH-neutral = additional removal of carbonic acid and silicic acid.

  • Guaranteed lowest conductance = the low conductance of 0.055-0.1 µs/cm and the neutral pH value remain constant.

  • Guaranteed optimum resistance of > 18.2 MΩ (at 25°C) and a TOC value of < 1 ppb.

  • No investment costs = the E.KO IONISER® is a rental unit that meets your needs and is unbureaucratic.

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Industry solutions

DI water is used in many technical areas.

E.g., as:

  • process water in electrical discharge machining
  • basis for coolants and lubricants in metal processing
  • process water in surface technology
  • feed water for steam boilers and steam turbines
  • process water in the food industry
  • solvent and base in medicine
  • cleaning agents in car washes
  • laundries and the cleaning of buildings

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