Full demineralization – DM water


All dissolved salts are removed from the water with full demineralization.

The ion exchanger is loaded with positively charged H+ as well as negatively charged OH- ions. If the water to be treated is now passed through the ion exchanger, all positively and negatively charged ions are replaced or adsorbed (= bound to solid state).
As already described in the section "The principle of ion exchange", ultrapure water is now the result of the emission of H+ and OH-.

(H+) + (OH-) = H2O

As opposed to distilled water, fully demineralized water is not acidic and has decisive advantages compared to osmosis water due to the removal of carbon dioxide.


Advantages of full demineralization with the E.KO IONISER®:


• Protection against corrosion and insoluble deposits by the removal of chlorides, sulfates and nitrates from the water.

• Depending on the quality of the incoming water, the electrical conductivity drops down to < 0.1 µs/cm1 (TREF25).

• The pH value is in the neutral range because carbon dioxide and silicic acid is removed.

• The low conductance value and neutral pH remain constant and thus guarantee long service life of your machines.

• Dissolved inorganic ions are easily removed.
The resistance after treatment is 18.2 MΩ (at 25 °C) with a TOC value of <1 ppb.