Visualization of the water quality.


Ongoing analysis of the water quality is essential for consistent product quality, process optimisation and improved safety.

The KORROSTOP4.0® is a reliable and precise measuring device that stands out thanks to the latest technology. It can be adapted to all machine manufacturers and can be fully integrated into your existing corporate IT system with its large number of communication channels. We only support highly secure standards.


A high level of flexibility and ease of use.


Choose between analogue or digital displays.

With just a quick glance, you will have a permanent and simple overview of the measurement values thanks to the colour coding of the measurement range.
The bar display in the traffic light system makes it easier to obtain a quick overview.

The device is easy to operate via the touchscreen or push-turn control.

Transfer data to database or cloud storage mediums.


We work with well-known cloud service providers for flexible and user-friendly data transmission.

You can find all the relevant manuals, dashboard profiles and updates for your use in the GitHub Repositories.