Visualization of the water quality.


Leave it up to the KORROSTOP3® to ensure control.

The intelligent power management with automatic alarm function assumes ACTIVE monitoring for you with multiple measurements per second and signals only when the water quality changes.


At a glance.


Plain text messages and status information (e.g. conductivity exceeded, probe dirty, battery short circuit, etc.) are immediately depicted on the Display.

KORROSTOP3® mit SPS Interface zur Datenübertragung

Industry 4.0


During operation with power supply adapter, the KORROSTOP3®has an PLC data transmission Interface.

KORROSTOP3® - Echtzeitdaten

Data Transfer to PLC.


All real-time data can be transferred to any PLC.
An analog signal with optional 4-20 mA or 1-10 V is available.

Only possible when operating with power supply.