Economic environmental management.


The E.KO IONISER® fully replaces the mixed bed resin, which makes it one of the most ecological solutions in the area of process water treatment.

No media or chemicals are needed for the cycle.
Its environmentally friendly technology eliminates every year about 1,000,000 liters of toxic waste in Europe alone.

With the E.KO IONISER®, you save not only the high cost of additives and the disposal cost for hazardous waste.
A significant reject reduction is guaranteed as well due to the reliably high quality of the water.


We make your life easier.

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Delivered - Docked - Finished


Our on demand and non-bureaucratic leasing concept eliminates investment costs as well as all annoying disposal costs and disposal work for you. You work with a top device that you totally can rely on.

The E.KO IONISER® is an affordable must-have for anybody appreciating cost-savings not only in the investment phase.