Bild EASYRO®60 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage
Bild EASYRO® 120 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage
EASYRO® 240 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage
EASYRO® 480 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage

1 Aluminium housing

Closed aluminum anodized housing


2 Modular design

Flexible sizes depending on the needed water quantities.
Due to the practical modular design, EASYRO® easily can be expanded at any time.

3 Siemens LOGO! 8

• Fully automatic monitoring and control of the System

• Display of operating status, alerts, alarms, messages

• Optional Ethernet interface

4 Low-pressure
high performance

• State of the art energy efficient membrane Technology 

• Permanent usable high-performance membrane

• Automatically controlled backwashing and rinsing cycles

• Filtration efficiency 95-99%


5 High pressure pump

Quiet, thermally decoupled pump

1 Water outlet 
with mixture

• Mixture for desired conductivity, adjustable from 2-400 µs/cm1 but no discarding 

• Conductivity measurement temp. compensated measuring range 2-400 µs/cm1


2 Water inlet

Inlet ¾“ OT inlet valve with dirt trap

3 Level control*

Connection for Level probe

* only for level-controlled systems in conjunction with a storage tank

6 Waste water outlet

Outlet JG 10/DN 20 


7 Mixture adjustment srew

To set the desired conductivity for water outlet


8 230 V AC/50 Hz