Pump systems


We only offer pump systems of our partner Grundfos due to the high demands for topnotch quality in the various application areas.

Grundfos pumps represent operational reliability, quiet cycles, and a long service life. They guarantee low-maintenance operation. Depending on your needs and requirements, standard central water systems or vario pumps for constant pressure are configured.

Grundfos SCALA2


GRUNDFOS SCALA2 is a new compact, variable speed, water booster pump that has been specifically designed and built to deliver perfect water pressure to wherever it is needed in the home.

Grundfos Hydrojet


The Grundfos JP automatically pumps water down to a depth of 8 m. Its compact design makes it suitable for mobile as well as stationary applications.
Pump foot, housing and impeller are made from corrosion-resistant, high grade stainless steel. This means the pump has an extraordinary long service life.

Grundfos Hydrojet JP

Grundfos CME vario pumps


Based on your requirements for desired nominal flow rates, desired suction height, required max. operating pressure as well as additional parameters, Grundfos delivers the optimal solution in the form of vario pumps with adjustable constant pressure.

Upon request, you pump will be low-noise with integrated dry-run protection.

Grundfos CME Vario Pumpe

Grundfos pumps application examples:

with plastic tank and pump 

with stainless steel tank and pump