This holds more
than you think.

EASYRO® drink+house water treatment systems work on the basis of reverse osmosis and produce residue-free water reliably, economically and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Gastronomy & hotel industry

Optimally treated water ensures not only hygiene in your kitchen but also protects all waterlines reliably from lime deposits. Pure water ensures all washed dishes and silverware sparkle without subsequent drying or polishing.

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Fill water for heating circuits
and cooling systems

Demineralized and softened water is recommended for filling heating circuits and cooling systems.
Our EASYRO® reverse osmosis system produces soft, demineralized water in an energy-efficient way. 

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Drinking water in the kitchen

The EASYRO® reverse osmosis system filters lime and pollutants from your drinking water and supplies you and your family with ultrapure, residue free water. Whether used solely for drinking water or with an additional connector for the dishwasher. The EASYRO® 60 fits perfectly into the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink.

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Pure, lime-free water
in the entire house

Water from your utility or a well can be treated with the EASYRO® reverse osmosis system.
As a centralized water treatment system, you supply your entire household with ultrapure, lime-free water and thus protect your pipes and appliances from deposits and costly repairs.

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