Laboratory and
analytical methods.


Ultrapure Type 1 water is essential for accurate reproducible analytical results.

Our EASYRO® reverse osmosis system provides the required optimally treated water.

Space-saving for small water requirements as a base cabinet variant or as a central water treatment in connection with large storage tanks, supply all your high-quality analyzers with pure water.

In conjunction with a subsequent polishing, all the demands for a high degree of purity are met. 

Ultra-fine cleaning in
medical technology.


Very high demands in the field of medical technology require industrial cleaning methods and processes that exceed the Standard.

Especially the critical cleaning of implants or delicate workpieces represents a challenge and requires a water treatment at the highest level of quality.

Our EASYRO® reverse osmosis systems in connection with the E.KO IONISER® 1503 for polishing, ensure process water with highest degree of purity for highly sensitive production and analysis processes.

Depending on the incoming water, the EASYRO® reverse osmosis system lowers the conductance value to 10-50 µs/cm1.
With the E.KO IONISER®1503 as subsequent polishing, we guarantee a conductance value of up to < 0.1 µs/cm1(TREF25).

Industry 4.0


Our EASYRO® reverse osmosis systems are equipped with the latest Siemens technology.

The Siemens Logo! 8 control offers networked and mobile communication in real-time.


Learn more about the function of the control >>

Whether small systems for the lab or water treatment for a very high volume of water.
We will gladly advise you and put together an optimal water treatment system according to your needs and requirements.