EASYRO® Wasseraufbereitungsanlage

lime-free water
in the entire house.

Do you have problems with hard water?
Lime again and again mars the shine of your fittings and faucets?
Lime deposits on the water-carrying lines in your home installation and calcification of washing machine, coffee machine, dishwasher, ...are you faced with costly repairs?

Then it is high time for an efficient and environmentally-friendly water treatment with the name EASYRO®.

Lime-free savings.


The EASYRO® drink+house reverse osmosis systems filter lime and pollutants from your drinking water and supply your entire household with ultrapure, residue free water regardless whether you obtain your water from the local utility or your own well.

Supply all your equipment and appliances with softened water and protect them from costly damage due to lime deposits. Even your hot water is prepared cheaper when using purified water.

Spick and span.


Lime-free water of the EASYRO® drink+house system eliminates annoying streaks and lime spots right from the start. Your bathroom will shine in fresh splendor, faucets and floors are mirror-clean.

Ultrapure water sustainably increases the cleaning power of your detergent and will result in an economical, environmentally-friendly optimization.

EASYRO® home system - for ultrapure water throughout your home.

Your beauty center right in your home.


Lime and pollutant residues leave their mark on skin and hair.
The skin as the largest breathing organ needs as clear and natural water as possible to be healthy and beautiful.

Allow your skin to breathe again. For glowing skin and shiny hair.