Say goodbye to hardness minerals.


The requirements for the deionate quality determine the necessary treatment of the raw water. The reduction of the value of the DOC value, an optimally lower conductance value, as well as a stable pH-value are the objectives.

Our EASYRO® reverse osmosis system provides a filtration efficiency of 95-99% of all residues in the raw water due to its energy-efficient membrane technology and lowers the conductance value to 10-50 µs/cm1 depending on the intake water.

Economical and fail-safe.


As redundant systems, EASYRO® devices produce in a fail-safe manner and increase your operating reliability.

The space-saving small footprint means the reverse osmosis systems can be installed without great modifications even during operation. The EASYRO® pendulum system ensures permanent system reliability and availability.



Industry 4.0


The EASYRO® systems are equipped with the latest Siemens control elements and allow real-time communication via Ethernet.

Information about the water quality, alarms or warnings are displayed as plain text or can be transferred to an appropriate mobile device via Wi-Fi if desired.


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Trouble-free operation with highest steam purity.


The E.KO IONISER® 1503 in combination with our EASYRO® reverse osmosis system makes it possible to achieve fully demineralized water of the highest purity.

This comprehensive solution in water treatment guarantees a conductance value of up to < 0.1 µs/cm1 (TREF25) with a stable pH and a DOC value of <1 µg/l.

Thus, you feed your water steam cycle with ultrapure water and produce without deposit-related performance losses.

Complete demineralisation as a preventative.


Deposits play a large role in heating and steam generation. The precipitation of anion parts due to the prevailing temperatures causes a sludge formation damaging to the equipment.
The E.KO IONISER® 1503 removes all unwanted cations and anions. Unnecessary risks are thus avoided.

No deposits,
no corrosion.


An investment into optimum water treatment pays off usually by preventing deposits and corrosion.
This means no high repair costs.

The required quality parameters are met trouble-free and with low-maintenance. 

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