and fail-safe.


Heating circuits or cooling systems can develop their full power when filled with demineralized or softened water.

Our EASYRO® reverse osmosis system produces soft, demineralized water in an energy-efficient way. With this modern membrane technology, 95-99% of all unwanted residues are removed from the water. Depending on the incoming water, the EASYRO® system lowers the conductance value to 10-50 µs/cm1.


Trouble-free and without deposits.


Osmosis water with its greatly reduced calcium content (hardness mineral) reduces the formation of lime scale and thus prevent deposits on pipes and fittings.

If osmosis water is subsequently polished, the result is easily produced fully demineralized water that can be used as pure fill water and has a conductance value up to < 0.1 µs/cm1 (TREF25).

Corrosion protection with DM water.


DM water has very low conductivity since it is free of ions. Its high solvency, however, makes it aggressive towards materials that are used in pipes.

To prevent corrosion, DM water always should be used in combination with a corrosion Inhibitor.