The ideal solution for
high quality demands.


Supply your high-quality equipment with residue-free, pure water.
Optimally treated water ensures not only hygiene in your kitchen but also protects all waterlines reliably from lime deposits.


We configure the best EASYRO® water treatment system for your specific needs and requirements.

Efficient and


Often the quality of good drinking water in the region is not sufficient to achieve satisfactory cleaning results. Limestone or salts leave unsightly streaks and residues on dishes and silverware.

Optimize your cleaning results.
Save additional service and repair costs.

Many years of experience of our customers have often shown that the more efficient cleaning power of treated water can significantly reduce the consumption of detergents.

Brilliant shine in the blink of an eye.


No more annoying and time-consuming polishing after cleaning.

Your elegant glassware and fine cutlery leave dishwashers free of unsightly streaks and lime spots. Completely without any polishing.