Optimal water quality
for maximum precision.


The constant optimal water quality across almost the entire operating time of the EDM machine increases reproducibility of the perfect workpiece.

The renowned manufacturers of wire EDM machines therefore place their trust in the many years of high performance of the E.KO IONISER®.
The E.KO IONISER® is an integral part of your initial basic equipment.

Excellent surface roughness
for maximum cutting performance.


Take advantage of the full machine potential.

The powerful E.KO IONISER® produces premium process water with optimal pH-value and extremely low conductance values.

The result:

Minimal corrosion trend of workpiece and machine.
Even with a long dwell time of the workpieces in the dielectric.

Stable conductance value
at high flow rates.


The extremely high throughput of the E.KO IONISER® makes it possible to supply water to your EDM machine quickly and efficiently while conductance value and pH-value remain stable.

Its extreme durability enables long and continuous operating times of your machine.