Preparation is everything.


EASYRO® represents refilling with optimally treated water.

Maximum machine utilization.


A constant and optimum water quality prevents the change of the conductance value during the refilling process.

This results in a run-time boost of the internal de-ionizing.

Economical and preventative at the same time.


• No calcification of the valves

• Reduction of wire breakage

• Long run-times without annoying interruptions 

Direct feed into the ring line of your machinery.


If your EDM machine also features fully automatic refilling, the EASYRO® can be connected directly to the machine and your time can be spent on more important matters.

This reduces not only costs but also saves time.



in combination with 
the mobile EASYBOTT.


As a mobile water dispenser, the EASYBOTT offers the optimal complement to the EASYRO® water treatment system.






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Easily mobile.


The pressure tank with integrated pressure indicator fills the tank of your machine without pump or costly power supply.


Equipment and system data:


Nominal volume: 80 Liters
Max. permissible pressure: 10 bar
Outlets:  2x CPC 1/2"
4 rubber castors: 2x braked, 2x unbraked
Weight, empty: 60 kg
Dimensions (L/W/H) 660/370/1210 mm


Standard accessories:

Hose set, consisting of spiral tube with 2 spray tips