EASYRO® Wasseraufbereitungsanlage

Purest water
by reverse osmosis

Our EASYRO® systems work on the basis of reverse osmosis and produce ultrapure and residue-free water reliably, economically and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Select one of four sizes depending on your water needs. Due to the modular design, a later system expansion is possible without great effort.


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Bild EASYRO®60 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage
Bild EASYRO® 120 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage
EASYRO® 240 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage
EASYRO® 480 Wasseraufbereitungsanlage

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All EASYRO® drink+house water treatment systems can be used as a pressure-controlled version in combination with a membrane boiler or with level adjustment (level probe) in combination with an unpressured tank and pump.

The following simplified charts show the possible configurations.

EASYRO® drinking water dispenser system in a small space such as the cupboard under your sink.


EASYRO® 60 as base cabinet variant with or without membrane boiler and outlet fitting. 

This under-the-sink variant without membrane boiler is suitable as a pure drinking water dispensing system in the kitchen.
However, it is advisable to use softened, purified water in the dishwasher as well to avoid streaks and spots for brilliantly shiny glassware and spot-free cutlery without subsequent polishing.

A small membrane boiler serves as storage tank in this case.
Due to the space-saving design, this complete system fits into the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

EASYRO® home system - for ultrapure water throughout your home.

EASYRO 240® with pressureless 420 l stainless steel tank and pump 

EASYRO 240® with pressureless 1000 l plastic tank and pump 

EASYRO 240® pressure-controlled with 200 or 300 l membrane tank

Under the Tank Systems navigation item, we depict the various combination possibilities with all tanks from our Portfolio.

We will gladly advise you and put together an optimal water treatment system according to your needs and requirements.