Pure, fresh
water is not
always available.

Quality and purity of our drinking water are close to the limit values in many residential areas. Taste and freshness are diminished. Residues of heavy metals and pesticides affect not only the taste, they constitute a health hazard in the long term.

However, drinking sufficient amounts of water are necessary for proper hydration. Meet your water needs with fresh, residue-free water, prepared directly from your water supply.

Worry-free enjoyment.


Air and water are the two most important substances for our lives. Environmental pollution can diminish the quality of these substances.


The EASYRO® drink+house reverse osmosis system filters lime and pollutants from your drinking water and supplies you and your family with ultrapure, residue free water.

As a pure drinking water dispenser system, the EASYRO® drink+house system can be installed space-saving in the cupboard under your kitchen sink.

Provide all your equipment and appliances with softened water and save costly repairs. On request, the EASYRO® system can also supply your dishwasher with purified water. A small membrane boiler serves as storage tank.


Better cleaning power.


Osmosis water increases the natural cleaning power of water since purified water absorbs dirt particles more effectively. And you will save detergent as well.

EASYRO® drinking water dispenser system in a small space such as the cupboard under your sink.

Brilliant shine.


Forget streaks and unsightly lime spots on your dishes. Your precious glassware and cutlery are completely clean and maintain a crystalline shine.

The increased cleaning power effortlessly removes even stubborn lipstick stains and milk residues.

Radiant shine without annoying polishing is the motto here.