Environmental expertise with a future.

Being a pioneer in environmental protection is the goal we have set ourselves.
We deal responsibly and efficiently with energy and resources and are committed to sustainably protecting our environment.
In this respect, the E.KO IONISER® has already been awarded the Innovation Award for Environmental Protection.

The E.KO IONISER® is the most environmentally friendly system on the market among comparable products.

Climate protection concerns us all.

With the E.KO IONISER®, our biggest contribution is that we are able to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced at the customer’s premises.
So far, this has prevented 8.2 million litres or 8200 truckloads of hazardous waste being produced across the EU.

This doesn’t just happen as a matter of course.
New mixed bed resin, in particular, uses a lot of resources. Not to mention the resulting waste management and the transport of dangerous goods.

With us on your side, you are on the environmentally-friendly side.

Responsible and lawful conduct is a fundamental requirement and forms the basis of trust that customers, business partners and the public place in us.